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Correcting Facial Flaws – And Other Photo Tips!

Revised and expanded edition!

Here in this volume of “On Target Photo Training” we delve into correcting facial flaws – in the camera – by the way we pose and light our subjects.

Then we take everything we’ve been learning – tie it all together and start trying to develop our own personal style.

There are many professionals out there where as soon as we see a photo they’ve done, we immediately recognize who the photographer was. As artists, this is a goal we should all strive to achieve.

When learning, it is important to both learn the rules AND to follow them. Only then should you break them.

Once you are comfortable with the way things normally “should” be done, then you can go your own way and start adding your own creativity and personality into the mix.

That’s when the artist inside of you will get out… And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

To get an idea of some of what is involved in this “On Target Photo Training” volume, here is the table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Photographing The Portrait Headshot
  • Studying The Face
  • The Better Side
  • Here Is Some Science…
  • Look For Flaws!
  • Make Your Model Comfortable
  • Visually Minimize Flaws
  • Positioning The Head And Shoulders
  • Full Face
  • Chubby Cheeks And Kids
  • The Profile
  • Three Quarter Head
  • Directing The Model
  • The Horizontal Turn
  • Vertical Lift Or Drop
  • Diagonal Tilt
  • Correcting Facial Flaws With Head Position!
  • Parts Of The Face
  • Eyes
  • Four Ways To Cure Squinting And Closed Eyes In Portraits!
  • Shoot With The Light At The Subject’s Back…
  • Shoot Later In The Day…
  • 1 – 2 – 3!
  • Bounce Or Diffuse Your Flash!
  • The Mouth
  • Emotions
  • Happiness…
  • Anger…
  • Sorrow…
  • Fear…
  • Lighting Patterns To Minimize Flaws!
  • The 2 Base Lighting Patterns:
  • Narrow Light
  • Broad Light
  • 4 Essential Lighting/Shadow Patterns
  • Split Light
  • Loop Light
  • Butterfly Light
  • Rembrandt Light
  • Additional Portrait Lights:
  • The Fill Light
  • The Separation Light
  • Let’s Use What We’ve Learned
  • Children
  • Be Decorative…
  • Show Your Creative Intent…
  • Incorporate Skill And Emotion…
  • Capture The Essence Of Your Subject…
  • Complement Your Subject…
  • Finding Your Personal Style
  • Develop Your Personal Style Muscles
  • Lets Get Creative
  • Taking Risks…
  • 17 Portrait Compositional Tips…
  • Photo Exercise
  • Additional Photo Training

This is a fast and easy read and within an hour or so, your portrait photography will be enhanced more than you may imagine!

Finally you can start winning photo contests or start hearing that musical phrase “WOW, you did that?”

Get YOUR copy – right now!


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Correcting Facial Flaws – And Other Photo Tips!