The coolest blog ever: there’s one skill you ought to develop to better yourself in 2016, it’s the ability to take great photos. If you’re a bachelor, your profile photo across social media platforms becomes a key part of your dating resume. Maybe you’re married and starting a family. Well guess what, amigo – it’s your job to document those once-in-a-lifetime moments and events with your family. In addition to becoming a better photographer yourself, you should better your knowledge about the craft in general to help you seek out professional photographers for those events you can’t document on your own or want a professional touch for. Developing your photography skills is also important in your business ventures – your LinkedIn profile, product shots, and a slew of other areas in any given career path will require great photography. So take the time to learn about things like shutter speed, aperture, focal lengths, and the finer details of the art of photography to better not only your personal life, but your professional life as well.

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