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Master Photo Exposure


Master Photo Exposure:

Knowing how to get the best exposure in your photographs can be the difference between heart thumping, exciting, STUNNING images…and a big yawn!

Setting the camera on automatic is an easy, guaranteed route to failure! Do you really want to turn over your creativity to a machine?

By the time you have finished this simple, easy to understand training, you will have a solid grasp of the 4 elements that make up a correctly exposed photograph.

Here is some of what you are getting:


Here I briefly recap some of the principles discussed in Volume 1 of the “On Target Photo Training” series… “7 secrets To Creating Stunning Photos!” As purchaser of this e-book, you will also get a link to download a FREE copy of Volume 1.

Part 1: What The Professionals Do

In this section I cover a tip that is skipped by most amateurs. But the top pros all do this! It is free, easy and you will see immediate improvement in your photos.

Part 1: Shooting In Manual Mode

Here is where we learn how to take our camera off automatic and take back control of our images and our creativity!

Part 2: Exposure Defined – What Exactly IS Correct Exposure?

Every photo has more than one! In fact, each photograph has dozens of “correct exposures”! But, there is always ONE that is the best – for you and for that particular photo. Learn how to select the right one – the camera (on automatic) almost NEVER gets it right.

Part 2: 18% Gray

This one concept can make or break you. But, it really is pretty easy to understand.

Photo Exercise 1:

Don’t just read about the concepts and principles you’re learning! Put them into practice! This is the fun part. Here is where you start to see your photos getting better and better on (literally) a daily basis.

Part 3: The 4 Factors Of Correct Exposure

There are 4 elements that make up the best exposure for a photograph. Can you name them? If not, how can you learn how to control them?

It’s Not All Mechanical! True a camera can mechanically pick the right amount of light to let into the camera for an exposure – but notice that I said AN exposure, not the BEST exposure.

Film – ISO Speed:

Here is where you once and for all learn how to select the best digital ISO speed. It matters. Our digital ISO speeds are based on the same concepts as film ISO. You will completely understand how the various speeds work and more importantly, how to choose the best one for YOUR photo.

And more…And more…And more…

Once you’ve finished this easy to understand course volume, you WILL have mastered photo exposure.

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Master Photo Exposure