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Master Photo Lighting… Light 101

Photography is all about capturing light… that’s it! So, learning to master camera lighting is not just nice…or important. It is VITAL!

“Master Photo Lighting… Light 101” of the On Target Photo Training series will quickly give you a solid base to work from. You will see almost instantaneous improvement in your photos!

Here is the table of contents to show you a bit of what we discuss:

  • Introduction
  • Bonus Karma!
  • Aperture
  • Depth Of Field
  • The F Stop
  • Shutter Speed And Aperture Combinations
  • Light
  • Additive Light
  • Color Temperature
  • The Kelvin Light Temperature Scale
  • How Color Of Light is Determined
  • Pop Quiz
  • Types And Uses Of Light
  • Incandescent Light
  • The Filters In Our Minds
  • Fixing A Color Cast
  • Ambient Light
  • Strobe Lighting
  • The Modeling Light
  • Flash Photo Secrets!
  • How And Why To Diffuse Your On Camera Flash!
  • Lighting Photo Portraits – The Basics
  • Creative Lighting
  • Studio Portrait Lighting – Spending More IS Better!
  • Photography Lighting Techniques – 3 Vital Tips
  • Photo Exercise 1
  • Metering
  • Reflected Light Meters
  • Calibrating Your “In Camera” Reflected Light Meter
  • How To Calibrate A Film Camera’s Meter
  • How To Calibrate A Digital Camera’s Meter
  • Reflectance Meter Problems
  • Calibrating Incident Light Meters
  • Photo Exercise 2
  • Additional Photo Training

Light: What is it and how does it relate to photography? We discuss light in all it’s various forms – incident, reflected, warm, soft, hard, cool and so on. How do each of these affect your photography. from both a technical AND an artistic viewpoint.

Color Temperature: This is one of the most misunderstood factors of light – but not for YOU. You are going to understand the color temperature of light and how to use it to put emotion in your photos.

Photo Exercise 1 – As always, theory is nice, but the important (and fun) part is discovering that you can actually DO THIS! It’s easier than you think to get truly masterful photos!

Metering – This is where you really start to separate yourself from your friends. You’ll learn about the various kinds of light meter, how they work and how to work THEM.

Calibrating Your In Camera Reflected Light Meter – if your in camera meter isn’t properly calibrated, you don’t stand a chance. Here is how…

Calibrating Incidence Light Meters – same as above only calibrating your handheld meter is even MORE important!

And more…And more…And more...

The word photography is from the ancient Greek and literally means “writing with light.” By the time you are done going through this easy to understand course volume you will not only be able to “write” with light, but you’ll be writing like Shakespeare!

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Master Photo Lighting… Light 101