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The Photographer’s Apprentice

Do You Love Westerns, Historical Fiction, Crime Dramas, Suspense… (With A Smidgeon Of Romance)?

“The Photographer’s Apprentice” is all of these and MORE!

Recently orphaned Jake Adams is happy, content and enjoying his work as a “Photographer’s Apprentice” when he meets and is instantly enchanted by the girl of his dreams.

Dreaming of a life full of happiness and love, everything is dramatically (and forever) altered when he witnesses a brutal assault and murder. Before he can do anything to help, he is shot and left for dead.

Bleeding profusely and barely clinging to life, he struggles to make it back to town where he discovers that, in addition to being shot, he has been framed for the horrendous crime.

With a price on his head and the law on his tail, Jake has no choice but to run – totally unaware that he is also being hunted by another, even more sinister pursuer whose only intent is on killing him.

The suspense of the resulting cat and mouse chase will have you biting your fingernails and perched on the edge of your seat…

  • Will he survive his wounds?
  • Will he be captured?
  • Will he be lynched?
  • Will he find a way to prove his innocence?

This engrossing novel will provide you with many hours of pure reading pleasure.

Guaranteed… You will NOT be able to put this book down!

Grab YOUR copy today!