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Shazaam! Effectively Using Photo Reflectors And Photo Filters!

In this volume of the On Target Photo Training series – we delve even deeper into the creation and manipulation of light.

This is another “must have” volume – if for no other reason than the section on the UV filter has the potential to save you thousands of dollars!

Here is the table of contents to show a bit of what is covered…

  • Introduction
  • Review:
  • Color
  • RGB
  • Hand Tinting
  • Harmonizing
  • Gimp
  • Light Management
  • How Many Lights Do You Need?
  • More Is Not Better
  • The Reflector
  • Filling In The Shadows
  • Reflector Or Flash?
  • A Reflector Can Be Better Than A Flash
  • The Reflector As A Main Light
  • Saving Money With Reflectors
  • Creating A 5 Light Studio Portrait With Reflectors
  • Filters
  • Filters Vs Photoshop
  • Filters In Action
  • The UV Filter
  • The Polarizing Filter
  • The Neutral Density Filter
  • The Graduated Neutral Density Filter
  • Colored Filters
  • Do Not Buy Solid Color Filters
  • Graduated Color Filters You Will Need
  • Alternate Filters
  • Storing Your Filters
  • Removing Stuck Filters
  • Photo Exercise
  • Additional Photo Training

It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars on lights…but it isn’t necessary! With the judicial use of reflectors, it is possible to turn one single light into a 5 light setup! AND that one light could even be the sun!

You can get results to rival the best studio shooters with very little cost. Reflectors can even be homemade – so they cost almost nothing.

Filters – for the most part physical “on camera” filters have dropped by the wayside due to the digital revolution.

We still use filters, but now – with many of them – it is after the fact (in Photoshop) rather than in front of the lens. But, there ARE a few filters we still need on camera. the effects simply can’t be easily done (or done at all) in Photoshop…

The UV Filter – This one can literally save you thousands of dollars.

The Polarizing Filter – this one should be in your camera bag ALL THE TIME! The results you will get can take your photography to completely new levels and it is difficult if not impossible to duplicate the results in Photoshop.

The Neutral Density Filter, Graduated neutral density filters and so on…

Read through this easy to understand and easy to implement course volume and in a matter of minutes you will have a firm grip on effectively lighting with reflectors and using the essential filters.

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Shazaam! Effectively Using Photo Reflectors And Photo Filters!