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Strategic Posing Secrets – Hands & Arms!

Revised Edition…

If you have EVER done a portrait…then you must have heard the question, “what should I do with my hands?”

Did you have an answer? Check out this course volume and you will! In just a matter of moments you will never be at a loss for what to do with the hands again!

And that’s not all! In this volume we discuss posing the arms too! We cover the basic positions and how to direct the model into them. There are tons of variations for the upper arms, forearms and hands.

This massively illustrated, easy to read and easy to understand course volume will show you everything you need in order to completely MASTER the art of posing hands and arms.

To see what you are getting… Here is a list of the Table Of Contents:

    • Introduction
    • An Anchor Point
    • Missing Arms
    • Talking With Your Hands!
    • Hands Pointed Up Or Down?
    • Making Hands Look Younger!
    • Arms
    • Foreshortened Arms
    • Elongated Arms
    • Keep The Arms Parallel To The Camera
    • Positioning The Upper Arm
    • The Upper Arm Positions
    • Down
    • Up
    • Out
    • In
    • Combinations
    • The Forearm
    • The Trap
    • The Teapot Pose
    • Photo Exercise
    • The Hand
    • Broad Surface On Back Of Hand
    • Broad Surface On Front Of Hand
    • Narrow Edge – Thumb Side
    • Narrow Edge – Pinky Side
    • The Wrist
    • The Twist
    • The Break
    • Front Wrist Break
    • Back Wrist Break
    • Wrist Break Towards The Pinky
    • Wrist Break Towards The Thumb
    • Hand Positions
    • The Broad Hand
    • The Tapered Hand
    • 11 Ways To Pose The Hand
    • Holding A Prop
    • On The Chin
    • At The Lapel Or Necktie
    • On The Hip
    • On Opposite Arm
    • On Top Of (Or Behind) The Head
    • At The Waistline
    • In The Pocket
    • At The Side
    • On The Lap Or The Knee
    • Leaning On An Object
    • The Fingernails
    • Jewelry and Accessories
    • Photo Exercise 2
    • Additional Photo Training


Here is your chance to FINALLY have an answer to the question, “What should I do with my hands?” In fact, if it isn’t in here, it probably isn’t worth knowing!

Get your copy right now and within an hour you will never be at a loss as to how to pose hands and arms again!


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